Mission statement-  Love Hard.  Listen Always.  Give More. 

Love. True love is a way of life, a definition of who we are,

not just the way we feel.

Love is so much more than an action… it’s a choice and a decision made each and every day to be who we were made to be.

Compassion is an organization that gives children hope in hopeless situations.  No matter what our life looks like, we can be used exactly where we are. The greatest commandment is-  “to love”.  What does that look like for you? 

We give 10% of our profit to Compassion and these children who so desperately need someone to choose love for them. Because of your support, befilled frames, up to date (Nov. 2017) has been able to donated over $4000 to Compassion Canada and also sponsor 2 kids monthly, Doree and Arpon.  Each month, they recieve the care they need to thrive because of you, We love these little ones! 

Compassion Canada sponsor child
Compassion Canada sponsor child

For more information about Compassion,

please visit their website at