this is us


we are the faces of befilled Frames

| Photo credit goes to the wonderful La Di Da Lane Photography + Films |


If you already know this beautiful soul then she needs no introduction as she is without a doubt known for her kind heart and selflessness. Tiffany is an organizer, maybe an over-organizer. Is that a thing? She is always up for starting (and ending) new health kicks and believes coffee taste better when your lid is lined up ever so. (Hah!) 

She has raised a beautiful family with her hubby, Mike. You may recognize her kiddos names from the frame styles Georgia, Walker & Paisley <3 . Tiffany is the founder of befilled and was born with an eye for all things pretty. We are always asking Tiff to “pretty this up”.




After moving around a lot as a kid, Ashley now calls Lethbridge home. She met her husband, Colin here and together they have 4 kids. ALL BOYS. <3 Samson, Vance, Roman, Riggs and Ben (can’t leave out the family dog – also a boy..). Ashley loves Jesus, snowbobs and anything that involves family time (especially if spent outdoors). Although, she will never turn down staying in to watch a good movie. 

She is motivated, genuine and compassionate. Ashley always has the right words to say and can figure out a solution to every problem! She will bring a smile to your face like nobody business and sees the best in people. 

We love her. You should too. 



This girl is the best. The BEST!
Richelle Running is one of the hardest working & reliable gals around. Ambitious, witty, generous & beyond hilarious!! We ADORE her <3. Richelle and her husband Joel
have two kiddos together Skylar (4) and Sullivan (3). She makes THE BEST pancakes, loves spending time with the fam and she can’t start her morning without sitting by the fire with a coffee. It’s a thing.  

Richelle wears her heart on her sleeve and would be the first to help anyone in need without hesitation.  She has a way of bringing light to every situation and spreads encouragement where ever she goes. God has blessed this girl with many gifts <3